Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How long will my extensions last?    Blessed Beauty Extensions can last at least a year or longer with PROPER care.  Our hair is 100% human hair.  You must take care of your extensions as they are your "real" hair. 

2.    Can I apply heat to my extensions?    Yes you can.  Our hair is 100% human unprocessed hair.  Therefore, you can apply heat to your extensions.  We recommend that you also use a heat protector serum so that  you do not dry out your extensions.  Treat your extensions with the same love , care and concern as you would your natural hair.

3.    How do I take care of my extensions?    Quality hair extensions are an investment.  You should treat your extensions with the same care that you give your natural hair.  Please use a good quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioner when washing your extensions.  Your order iwll always come with a hair care card that will tell you how to maintain your extensions. Also, conditioning your extensions will keep your hair soft and manageable.  

4.    When will I receive my order?   

After you place an order with Blessed  Beauty Extensions.  It takes  24-48 hours (1-2 days) for your order to process.  After processing, your order will be prepared.  You will receive a tracking number when your order ships out.  The time-frame from placing an order to getting a tracking number is typically around 3-5 days.  Your order will always shop out USPS priority.  So basically, after placing an order you will typically get your hair within 7 days.  

Please note:  When there are big sales or events going on, natural disaters, pandemics, etc sometimes that pushes out the above mentioned order processing , shipping and delivery times.  Please be mindful and understanding of that process.  You will never be in the dark about when your order will ship out because we will always email you any delays( if this ever occurs)  we have been successful with getting all orders out on time during our previous sales. 

5.    Does Blessed Beauty Extensions have an exchange/refund policy?    Please see our "policies" pages for this info  :