About The Owner

Hi Blessed Beauties.  I created this hair company with the intent on supplying women the luxury of quality hair extensions at affordable prices.  I like you, wear hair extensions and wigs.  I have been wearing them for years.  I too would order hair online only to get hair that looked great in the beginning but was a wreck a week later.  If I wanted great hair I had to shop with well known company's and even then, some of those companies hair didn't strike me as anything glorious.

I was a tad bit frustrated at the expensive prices that I was paying to get hair extensions that really didn't measure up to what it indeed considered quality. With that thought in mind, I created Blessed Beauty Extensions. I am indeed a hands on owner that takes care of all of the day-to-day operations of BBE.  I do all of the sourcing, write and operate the website, marketing, inventory products, and fulfill every order. 

This is indeed a one-woman operation and labor of love, because I feel that every customer deserves my personal attention, along with the best quality hair extensions and bundles.   I love you guys and thanks so much for your ongoing support!


Blessed Beauty Trey - Owner of BBE