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How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great investment.  If you wear hair weaves and wigs quite often your mission is to always buy quality!  And to take care of your quality hair extensions as well. 

To maintain your bundles, you will want to co-wash at least once a week and shampoo every other week.  Why co-wash?  I am glad you asked.  

What is co-washing?

Co-washing is a really great way to clean your hair extensions without the use of shampoo.  To co-wash you will need a good moisturizing conditioner ,we recommend OGX Norurishing+ Conditioner .. their shampoo is great for extensions as well so invest in the OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner Set.

Its important to wash your hair with a good rinse out conditioner. This helps keep your extensions moisturized and healthy.  Do this at least once a week.  This process keeps your extensions clean and healthy before you have to shampoo.  It also moisturizes and softens the hair.  

When its time to shampoo, you should use a sulfate free shampoo.  Blessed Beauty Extensions are made from 100% human hair.  However , these follicles are not are not growing from your scalp so they wont receive the natural oils from your hair.  This is why it is important to NEVER use sulfate shampoos.  Sulfates will dry your extensions out and strip them of their color.   Most  OGX shampoos and conditioners are FREE from sulfates.  This is why this brand is my go to brand.  Their shampoos and conditioners work wonders on natural hair and extensions.  

It is a must to protect your hair investment.  

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